Make 2020 a Christmas to remember with the
Lionsheart Christmas savings club

Save with us and get up to 8% off your Christmas shop in 2020

The Lionsheart Christmas Savings Club is a new not-for-profit savings club which helps customers to budget and save for Christmas or any other big ticket event, such as holidays or weddings.

Because we are non-profit making we are able to offer a generous

Guaranteed 3%* Christmas

if your savings are taken as cash. If you choose to take retail vouchers we can offer further discounts of between 2% and 5% depending on the vouchers chosen

This means you only need to pay £92 to get £100 of vouchers to spend this Christmas

* 3% Annual Equivalent Rate – Applied to the average balance held over the savings period, and payable in November 2020

Secure and flexible savings
Guaranteed bonus to customers
Join the Lionsheart Christmas Savings club now to make 2020 a Christmas to remember

All new members before the 31st March will also join for free the Lionsheart Group Founder Members Club

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