Make 2020 a Christmas to remember with the
Lionsheart Christmas savings club

Become an agent

We are seeking new agents for 2020 for the Lionsheart Christmas Savings Club.

Becoming an agent is both enjoyable and financially rewarding. You get to see friends and family regularly and can help them to save for Christmas to ensure that they, and you, have a Christmas to remember.

We offer generous commission terms, with a number of different approaches you can choose from, ranging from a one-off £25 commission for each new saver introduced (T&Cs applicable), to a proportion of the total amount saved by the savers in your agency, where this is calculated as 1% commission if payable in cash, and 2% commission if payable in vouchers. We may pay more for larger amounts saved, or for lump sum savings.

Please contact us on 07795 361513 or by email at for more information on setting up your agency and on the commission terms available.

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