Make 2020 a Christmas to remember with the
Lionsheart Christmas savings club

What guarantees do you give ?

Lionsheart Christmas Savings Club guarantees that :

1. All monies saved will be returned on a date of your choosing in November 2020

2. A guaranteed bonus of 3%* will be applied to the savings returned at this date

All savings will be held in a bank account or investment fund controlled by an independent Trustee. The money saved will be invested securely in order to return both the money saved and the Christmas bonus.

These guarantees are secured on the assets of other companies within the Lionsheart Group.

The operations and management of the Lionsheart Christmas Savings Club adhere to the code of practice as laid out by the key trade body, the Christmas Prepayment Association

* 3% Annual Equivalent Rate – Applied to the average balance held over the savings period, and payable in November 2019
* Maximum savings allowable are £5000 in any calendar year

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